Hemp Products

  • Elevate® Hemp Extract Dissolvable Strips


    A discreet way to enjoy the powerful benefits of Hemp Extract on the go. If you’re troubled by stress or the aches and pains of conditions like Fibromyalgia, simply tuck a strip of our Hemp Extract under the tongue to find soothing relief. Safe, solvent-free and quick-acting, our great-tasting strips are the answer to pain relief when and where you need it.

    10 strips per pack. Each strip contains 5mg of Cannabinoid.

  • Elevate® Hemp Extract Drops


    Naturally combat stress with our hemp-oil extract in convenient drops. Add to your favorite smoothie post work out or enjoy a few drops under the tongue. Our natural, solvent-free drops provide fast-acting relief from aches and pains, while alleviating stress. And imagine rediscovering the feeling of a good night’s sleep, just one of the many benefits of our full-spectrum, Cannabinoid-rich drops.

    Elevate Hemp Extract Drops Benefits:

    • Rediscover a good night’s sleep
    • Post workout recovery
    • Pain relief
    • 150mg of Cannabinoid
  • Elevate® Hemp Extract Gum


    Need real relief on the go? Perfect for weekend warriors or busy moms, our Fresh Mint gum delivers concentrated CBD that eases stress and provides a feeling of calm. Enjoy the flavor; experience the fast relief of our Hemp Extract as a tasty treat, anytime, anywhere.

    Elevate Hemp Extract Gum benefits:

    • Stress Relief
    • Provides Focus and Relaxation
    • 5mg of Cannabinoid per piece
  • Elevate® Hemp Extract Mints


    Be cool, calm, and confident with a pop of minty flavor that freshens your breath and delivers the soothing benefit of 3mg of full spectrum hemp-oil extract per mint to help conquer anxiety and stress. Be at your best, with the fast, convenient, and private relief from pain and stress.

    Elevate Hemp Extract Mints benefits:

    • Fast, convenient mints for pain relief
    • Reduce stress and anxiety
    • 3mg of Cannabinoid per mint
  • Elevate® Hemp Extract Oral Spray


    Our Elevate full spectrum hemp-extract spray delivers a great serving of fast acting Hemp Extract Oil that’s quickly absorbed to start working fast on pain or stress, even migraines.
    An All-Natural hemp oil option is also available in 2 flavors (Mint, Cinnamon) 2 sizes (7.5ml, 30m).

    Elevate Hemp Extract Spray benefits:

    • Stress Relief support
    • Assistance for migraine sufferers
    • Quick on the go full spectrum hemp spray for stress relief
    • 7.5ml bottle has 60mg of Cannabinoid per bottle / 7.5ml (natural) has 150mg per bottle, 30ml (natural) has 600mg per bottle
  • Elevate® Hemp Extract Soft Gelcaps


    Whether you need treatment for aches and pains, relief from stress, or a better night’s sleep, our Hemp Extract capsules provide a true entourage effect on your overall health. Our Hemp extract-rich capsules support multiple systems in the body, helping you achieve optimal results in treating your total health. Rediscover the freedom that a pain-free, healthy body gives you, with our potent Cannabinoid capsules manufactured in our FDA-approved facility. Pure, safe and effective.

    Elevate Hemp Extract Soft Gelcaps benefits:

    • Relief from everyday stresses
    • Healthy recovery from exercise
    • Enjoy better sleep
    • 25mg of Cannabinoid per serving